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    erHigh pressure pumpReverse Osmosis systemProduct water This equipment can make seawater get rid of mineral、Pb ppm、organism and bacteria and many others, and become ultra clean and clear freshwater which meets the national drinking water quality standard. This pre-filtration system complete the large flow backwashing and washing procedure full automatic by adopting the most advanced full automatic multiport valves. (Optional) The system has installed new body case with all pipes made of resistant material, so that the whole system can use a long time. RO system has adopted advanced RO system components and high-quality membranes elements, and has designed according to the equipments output combining with unique efficient technology so that the system can save much energy. More advanced devices has been installed in this system, such as flow and pressure control meters、atmospheric valve and blow down piping, which make sure the whole system work stably, safely and conveniently.

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